How to Install a Car Seat on an Airplane

In the recent years, the use of car seat strollers such as Zooper strollers is strongly enforced through laws due to the alarming rise of child deaths from a car crash. In order to prevent accidents many manufacturers has developed durable car seat strollers like the Bugaboo Bee stroller that are armed with nifty features that will ensure your child is securely buckled up. Car seats are not limited to cars alone, these can also be used when travelling through an airplane.

Rear facing car seats are best used when using one in an airplane, this will ensure that your child will not accidentally kick the back of the seat in front of him. If you are particularly new to installing your car seat in an airplane, here are a few tips. Recline the airplane seat, pull the belt and put it through the car seat’s belt path. Connect the buckle flap on the seatback so you can easily release it later on. Make sure that you tighten the seatbelt before raising the seatback. Keep in mind that you should only install your car seat on areas where it will not block anyone’s passage in case of an emergency. Ideally, it can be installed in a window seat or the middle seat of the middle row of an aircraft.