Are Online Contact Lens Stores Recommended?

contact lens on girl hand

Summary: There are numerous online contact lens stores that offer low prices and a great selection. But, how do you know they’re telling you the truth?

Right after you get your new contact lens prescription, you might be tempted to opt for the cheapest option available – whether it’s online or in-store. While your optometrist can order them for you, there are other alternatives that you can choose from instead.

Online stores such as for example, are great alternatives that allow you to purchase contacts at the convenience of your home. Here are some tips on whether online shopping is a viable option for you.

Check the Reviews

One of the first boxes you need to check off is whether the company is being run legitimately. One way you can check this is by reading online reviews. While you should not make your decision solely on reviews, you’ll get a good indication whether it’s a trustworthy business or not.

Contact Lens Selection

When it’s time to order new Acuvue Air Optix contact lenses, you’ll want to verify that the store you’re doing business with carries the exact type of lens and power that you need. For example, let’s say you need a multifocal pair of contact lenses, sites that carry a wider selection at a fair price are more reasonable than the smaller ones that don’t carry as much.

Factor in the Return Policy

Some sites implement a strict no return policy which can be extremely irritating to deal with if you order the wrong pair or they send you an item you didn’t order. The last thing you’ll want to deal with is a customer service representative that is actively going to fight your refund. Instead, try searching for sites that offer a bit more leniency with policies that work in your favor.