Let’s Talk Chemical Peels: Are They Safe?

Article Written by Dr. Jan Zemplenyi

Let’s face it, time doesn’t slow down and you want to look youthful again. Most people opt for an anti-aging solution that can make them look years younger – a process known as a chemical peel.

Let’s dive into the basics of what a chemical peel actually is.

As you already know, the skin is made up of a variety of layers. The top layer of the skin – which is exposed to the air – can get old, dry up, and basically start falling apart. Chemical peels work by removing the top layer and revealing the healthy skin under it. Now, more often than not, people will opt for a chemical peel on their faces but you can actually receive the treatment on your neck as well as your hands. It’s a versatile procedure that’s quick and painless.

The Pros of Chemical Peels

There a variety of benefits to having a chemical peel. Chemical peels can provide you the actual feeling of healthy skin post-procedure and can also reduce the amount of fine lines that have developed underneath the eyes and around the mouth area – giving off that youthful appearance.

. Any scars that you have on your neck, hands or face? Easily take care of them with a chemical peel. People tend to be self-conscious about their appearance and this procedure isn’t just good for your skin but it can also be a confidence booster as well. Finally, a chemical peel also has the ability to reduce age spots and freckles, which people tend to struggle with throughout their lives.

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