Top Mistakes You’re Likely Making While Wearing Contact Lenses

Summary: Contact lenses require the user to be extremely attentive and cautious. Failing to follow your optician’s instructions could lead to serious health problems.

Millions of Americans are wearing contact lenses. Because of their benefits, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. First off, they allow you to see without the distraction of eyeglasses. Moreover, they’re convenient for people that live active lifestyles. But, contact lenses do require maintenance and constant upkeep if you want to keep your eyes healthy. Here is a list of some common mistakes to avoid.

Leaving Your Contact Lenses In Too Long

When you’re getting ready to sleep, don’t forget to remove your contact lenses. Leaving them on for an extended period of time sucks out the moisture in the lens itself, causing irritation, discomfort, and the potential for infection. Make sure you always wash your hands thoroughly before removing your contacts.

If you’ve accidently fallen asleep with your contact lenses on, you’ve probably felt the symptoms. During the day, oxygen can reach your eyes, because they’re open, but when they’re closed, it’s a whole different story. Moreover, you lubricate your eyes and contact lenses every time you blink. During the night, the contacts trapped behind your eyes may become a breeding ground for bacteria, which can lead to infections.

Not Regularly Replacing Your Contact Lenses

Just because your contact lenses are still comfortable doesn’t mean it’s okay to wear them past the expiration date. According to a variety of studies, more than half of contact lens users wear their contacts longer than they should. Remember, they are a medical device and you run a higher risk of infection if not utilized properly.

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