Tips to Arrange a Boy’s Bedroom

Did you get all of your Christmas shopping done? Your kids probably got enough toys for the year, but their bedrooms may not have received the love and attention needed. When was the last time you repainted the room, or changed boys bedding to newer linens? If you can’t remember, it might be time to use these tips to help rearrange your son’s bedroom for the New Year.


Decals are In

Rather than repainting the entire room, or painting a mural, why not opt for decals that can adhere to walls? These stickers are easy for you to apply and remove, and they are inexpensive enough that you can change them once a year as your child’s tastes change. You can even order custom decals if you desire something not readily available.


Every boy struggles to keep his room clean, especially younger ones. Some of this has to do with organization skills. Cleaning one’s room isn’t just for hygiene, it’s about discipline. Adding some extra storage space to a closet or below the bed might help give growing boys a place for everything so they get better at putting everything in its place.

Final Thoughts

Themes are always a good idea, especially with something like Marvel or Disney. You can easily find twin comforter sets designed to mimic your son’s favorite characters. Also, don’t forget lighting. A single set of track lights above a bed can often provide better light at a lower cost than a ceiling fan.