Purchasing Bedding for Dorm Rooms

Leaving home for college means independence and excitement. It’s also a chance for a student to learn how to live on their own by moving into a dorm room. This means that they have the chance to make their living space look and feel how they want — and college dorm bedding can be a major part of this. It’s a way for a student to make their dorm feel comfortable while also looking stylish at the same time.


When shopping for comforters, sheets and other bedding for a college dorm, it’s important to know what size bedding to buy. Since college dorm beds have to accommodate a wide range of student body types, they are typically twin beds that are extra-long — about five inches longer than a standard twin bed. This means that standard twin sheets, duvet covers and other bedding items will not fit on these beds. You should check with the student housing department at the school to see if they have extra-long beds. If so, you will need to purchase XL twin bedding.

You can probably imagine that most college dorm beds are not incredibly comfortable. They are made for longevity instead of comfort and sleeping on them is not the same as sleeping on a cozy bed at home. One way that students can make their dorm beds more comfortable is by purchasing and using a mattress pad. This gives you an extra layer of cushioning when you lay down at night. A memory foam mattress pad is the best combination of value and comfort.