Three Tips on How to Grow Hair Faster Naturally

Article written by Fresh Boutique


Hair care
Did you know that your hair has a potential of growing by up to half an inch every month and that at nay given time 90%of your hair is growing? If your hair is healthy, you will have an extra twelve inches every year. Most people have problems with hair that doesn’t seem to be growing. Here are tips on how to grow hair faster naturally
1. Healthy diet
Hair growth depends on the amount of keratin one has. Food rich in protein is the best in providing building blocks for hair growth.Avoid processed foods as much as you can.Eat lean meat, beans eggs and nuts. Soy products are also good in protein content.
2. Be careful with the kind of hair treatment you get.
One of the major causes of hair loss and reduced growth is bad hair treating and styling choices. Here are things you might want to avoid.Avoid coloring, perming and repeatedly straightening your hair mechanically. The above hair styling techniques weaken your hair causing breakage.Keep off hair styles that pull at you hair tightly. Try avoiding corn rows and ponying tails that are tight.Choose hair care products carefully. Choosing the wrong shampoo or hair oil could lead to serious hair loss problems.
3. Get the right amount of vitamin and mineral supplements.
The two most important minerals to hair growth are zinc and iron.Zinc repairs cells and keeps the hair follicles functioning as they should.Iron takes care of transporting nutrients to the cells. When your cells are well nourished, your hair grows faster.Ensure you take your recommended amount of vitamin C supplement.
Avoid also combing your hair too much or too roughly, his forces hair to break or pull off at the roots. Those are the most important things you need to remember on how to grow hair faster naturally.