The Top 4 Celebrities When it Comes to Beauty IQ

sandra-bullockWhile it’s tempting to think that celebrities look great just because they have armies of people to help them, they also have to do their part, no different from the hours they spend in the gym to keep their curves curvy or their muscles pumped—or both. But not all celebrities are equal when it comes to beauty IQ, that is, knowing the right things to do for luscious, glowing skin. Below we explain why these celebs stand out when it comes to being smart about beauty.

#1 Jennifer Lopez
At 47, the actress-singer doesn’t look that much different from the sultry young ingénue who starred in Selena back in 1997. She told Allure magazine that she is a “big believe in the basics.” For Jennifer, this means a great cleanser to keep her skin pristine and make sure she gets off all the heavy makeup she has to wear for film shoots, concerts or TV appearances. She also does not skimp on the sunscreen and moisturizer, using a high-end cream that employs botanical extracts. From a lifestyle standpoint, Jennifer has never smoked, keeps her alcohol intake to a minimum and always has stayed out of the sun. “These are all excellent approaches to keeping skin looking young, since smoking and the sun’s UVA and UVB rays are among the top causes of wrinkles”, say skincare researchers at Adore Cosmetics. Jennifer also uses glycolic acid as an exfoliant, night creams for hydration and high-SPF sunscreens. This is all rock-solid, proven advice for anti-aging skincare, and that’s why Jennifer has proven to have a high beauty IQ.

#2 Olivia Wilde
The gorgeous actress kicks off her day with a color correcting cream that has built-in sunscreen, avoiding foundation and favoring moisturizer. She also understands the importance of a simple wet sponge to blend properly, especially when it comes to contouring. She also keeps her skincare simple, with a limited list of products to clean and moisturize. Finally, she exfoliates only once a week—a smart move, say Adore Cosmetics skincare researchers, “because over-exfoliating can cause dryness and other problems,” they say.

#3 Sandra Bullock
It seems like just recently that Sandra Bullock burst on the scene in Speed as Keanu Reeves’ costar, but it was 1994. However, Sandra doesn’t look much different than she did then, and it may be because of her knowledge of anti-aging ingredients. In interviews, Sandra says she relies on products that use Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, both of which have proven effects for nourishing skin. She also uses sunscreen regularly because she’s smart enough to know that it not only helps with wrinkles but also with keeping skin even-toned, since pigmentation problems can also make you look older.

#4 Halle Berry
Starting young is a core reason why Halle Berry’s skin looks so great—and why we think she has such a high beauty IQ. Many young women get too much sun and too little sleep, not realizing that shoddy skin care at a young age translates into looking your age (or older) as time goes by. Not Halle: she’s kept the same routine for more than 20 years, blending sunscreen, gentle cleansers and plenty of moisturizing while minimizing makeup use, sometimes going days without it. The results speak for themselves.


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