Pros and cons of using eyelash extensions


Article Written by : Daily Makeover Beauty Board

Any beauty treatment that you use comes with benefits as well as hazards. So, slap on eyelashes and eyelash extensions are not without benefits and pitfalls. But many prefer lash extensions over slap on lashes. Here’s what we consider pros and cons of lash extensions.


  • Even without any makeup, lash extensions are fabulous, more dramatic than mascara, and look natural compared to strip of fake lashes. It can make you look younger without an expensive eye job.
  • Lash extensions can save time and need less makeup.
  • With minimal care they can last for months.


  • Require high maintenance. After couple of weeks, they need to be refilled.
  • Limits your options for using other beauty products. Need to avoid oil-based cleaners and makeup removers while wearing lash extensions. Applying and removing mascara can snag extensions and cause them to fall.
  • Need extra care during washing your face or bathing. Water beating down on lashes directly from the shower and drying with a towel after shower could cause them to fall.
  • During sleep rubbing lashes on pillow could cause them to fall. You may have to sleep on your sides or on your back to save them from any damage.