Asian Massage Techniques Offer Incredible Benefits

asian-massage-techniques-offer-incredible-benefitsWritten by: Garden Retreat Spa

You might have seen stereotypical depictions of an Asian spa in NYC, with aloof masseuses and Oriental décor, but the real thing offer incredible benefits. Whether you’re an athlete, or an over worked business man, you deserve a few minutes to relax and unwind. There’s no mystical “chi” involved, just time-tested techniques that release muscle strain and promote relaxation throughout the body. Read on for some of the most popular techniques.

Press Points

The best massage in NYC will attack pressure points in your body. These points build up strain and make it difficult to sit or stand for long periods of time. They can affect your sleep habits too. That’s where shiatzu comes into play.

This technique presses on these points. Today’s method is like the hand version of acupuncture, and it’s recommended as a monthly session in cases where there are chronic injuries. Athletes take advantage of the shiatzu because it doesn’t bruise the muscles.

There is also Zen shiatzu. Zen is a full body massage in NYC combined with a dash of meditation. Relaxing music or sounds are played, and the client is encouraged to clear his or her mind and let the masseuse do the work.

You should be relaxed for any massage, but Zen shiatzu adds an extra element of inner peace. It’s recommended for people who deal with frequent stress, as it can leave you feeling ready to tackle anything.

There are other techniques as well, but acupressure-based therapy is quite popular. It’s known for the feeling of release, but it’s based on ancient principles involving how energy flows through the body.