The art of contouring spans back centuries, long before there was Photoshop to turn an ordinary photo into the extraordinary. During the golden years of Hollywood, makeup artists were renowned for turning demure starlets into bonafide screen sirens. Today, contouring is one of the most popular trends among women, and is regarded as one of the most magnificent of makeup illusions. The following are some ways contouring can take you to the next level.

False Eyelashes: Extra Long Edition

During the 60s, supermodel Twiggy was revered for her long lashed look, which helped to shape her round face and eyes. Applying eyelashes that are impossibly long is one of the easiest and most distinctive ways to transform a face and give it added depth.

Nude Lips

A subtle lip can make a big impression, and during the 90s, supermodel Kate Moss brought the look back to life during the advent of the grunge era that stressed a nude or neutral shade of lipstick. By using a nude color on the lips, women are able to accentuate and emphasize other areas of the face. A nude lip is a bold statement in and of itself, and is an ideal way to draw attention to your accessories and hairstyle.

Metallic Eyeshadow

Music and makeup have always been strange bedfellows, with rock & roll the prevailing genre that has pushed aesthetics more than any other in the past half century. Metallic eyeshadow has now become more mainstream and available in more eye-catching colors that ever before. With this latest surge in popularity, there is no reason why music stars should have all the fun. Play up your eyes that much further by investing in some metallic eyeshadow colors that are not only bold, but offer a fun alternative to more traditional hues.

Bio: Dev Randhawa became a fashion blogger during her college years, but has gone from hobbyist to true blogger. Today, Dev Randhawa travels around the world and blogs about the latest trends in hair and makeup.