Picking the right hairstylist

Picking a right hairstylist for the first time is getting easier with new technologies. But nothing can replace a true experience of others and their recommendations. Follow these guidelines and you will find a right stylist for you.

Referrals: Best way to find an excellent hairstylist. Your family members, friends, co-workers and many other reliable sources are good way to find their experience with a hairstylist. Explore bit more with these sources what you are looking for rather than listening what they have to tell you.

Check social media chatter: Social media is rapidly changing the way we do many things. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are full of true experiences. Beware of bogus hype on these sites about a particular hairstylist in your area. You can easily identify true experience from paid evaluations.

Online reviews: Yelp and other similar sites are getting better about true reviews of people’s experiences on many things. See what they have to say about stylists in your area.

Online appointments: Look for possibilities to make online appointments with the stylist. This will cut down your time on the phone. Some are even paying online service sites for the opportunity to make an appointment online.