Proper Etiquette for Your Next Massage

Written by: Garden Retreat Spa

Thinking about getting a massage for the first time at the nearest Asian spa in NYC? Or maybe you’re a regular at your local spa? Whether you’re a new visitor or a veteran massage-pro, remember these five tips for the next time you hit the table.

#1. Your massage therapist is a massage therapist – not a masseuse. Your massage therapist spent a lot of time and training to get where he or she is, they deserve to be treated with respect. Refer to them as a massage therapist, not as a masseuse; the term actually has a negative sexual connotation and can actually end up sounding insulting. It’s a win-win sort of deal: treat them with respect and they’ll be sure to treat your body with care.

#2. Save the massage for a sick-free weekend. Got a cold or a nasty cough? If your body’s feeling down in the dumps, a stress-reducing massage may sound like the perfect way to ease the sickness. But resist the urge. Most massage therapists work on commission so the last thing you want to do is put them out of work by passing along your illness to them too. It’s best if you rest up at home and avoid the temptation to come in.

#3. Practice common courtesy. You won’t be able to experience the best massage in NYC if you don’t contribute a little bit to it yourself. How can you do that? Remember that this massage isn’t just pleasant for you, it should be comfortable for your massage therapist as well. For example, if you just exercised, practice good hygiene by rinsing off before getting worked on.

#4. Communicate with your massage therapist. Interested in a classic NYC full body massage? Or do you just want to focus on a certain problem area that’s been bothering you lately? Whatever you’re interested in to make your experience worthwhile, let your massage therapist know.

#5. Don’t forget to tip. While every spa is different, you should tip at each one for the service that you received (unless it’s a private massage, where the massage therapist keeps the whole massage fee so you don’t have to worry about tipping). The average tip rate: between 20 – 25%.

Whenever you’re off getting the best massage in NYC, be sure to keep these useful tips in mind; hopefully, they will not only enhance your experience, but make you mindful enough to be a better customer as well.