Comparison Shopping for Massage Spas in New York

Comparison-Shopping-for-Massage-Parlors-in-New-YorkWhether you are new to the city, or new to massage, searching for a sensual massage in New York can be an intimidating experience. There are many options at different price points, and it’s not always clear to outsiders what the services are. That makes it difficult for newbies to establish value and decide if a particular spa is worth paying for. Review websites online can offer some indication of quality, but it’s hard to tell if reviewers are being genuine. With this advice, you’ll understand what services spas offer and make a judgment on which spa is right for you.

Technique Makes a Difference

Unless a spa is designated as primarily Asian, Swedish or some other form of therapy (like shiatsu), the spa most likely offers all forms of massage. Swedish techniques focus primarily on deep tissue and muscle relaxation. A Swedish massage is the most common form of massage, and the option most newbies go with. The Swedish session will leave you feeling very different from a New York Asian massage, which is primarily focused on pressure points and restoring the flow of energy.

Cost Indicates Quality of Massage

Cost can indicate a few things about the spa. If the rates are too cheap, the staff probably isn’t paid too well. The facilities might look clean, but an unhappy staff won’t be as thorough in cleaning and maintaining. That’s a serious hygienic concern. They may also not be as qualified as a costlier establishment. However, paying too much is very easy to do as well.

Before booking, ask about any formal training the massage therapists have had. If money is a concern, but you are sure quality will be high, you might consider asking if they have 30 minute sessions during the day.

Extras Worth the Cost

Some massage spas offer amenities that make the stay worthwhile. For instance, time in a room listening to soothing music and eating fresh fruit. Some spas offer wine or beer, which is perfect for couples to unwind a bit after a good rub down. If the spa doesn’t offer a locker room, you won’t have a place to secure your belongings.

Another amenity worth paying for is the table shower massage. Table showers soothe the body, and prepare guests for a massage with body scrub and warm water.

Final Thoughts

For a soothing kind of massage, most people choose Asian massage. Newbies tend to lean toward Swedish massage, but you don’t want to get a Swedish massage from a spas offering highly discounted services. Swedish massages are deep tissue, which means you can hurt yourself if your therapist isn’t licensed to perform the work appropriately.

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