What you need to know about purchasing spray tanning products

Have you had a bad experience with spray tanning?  The botched skin and orange streaks could very well be the result of using inferior spray tanning products. If you want to achieve the perfect bronzed glow make sure you purchase the best quality tanning equipment and tanning solution. These are some factors to consider when purchasing tanning products.

Spray tanning guns

Undoubtedly one of the most commonly asked questions asked when purchasing spray tanning products is which type of spray tan machine is best.

One could choose between the HVLP system and the airbrush spray tan machine. The HVLP spray gun will give you a faster results while the airbrush tanning gun will take longer but will give  more control to the user which can result in a more complete and defined finish.

The HVLP has lower overspray compared to airbrush tanning while it is also more expensive than purchasing an entry level airbrush spray tan machine.

Spray tan solution

Tanning solutions are far safer and more effective than the orange hued ones from many years ago. The type of solution you use will affect the final result of the shade you get. Most solutions include DHA, a substance that reacts with the amino acids in the skin to achieve the darker, tanned skin color. DHA is safe for use as it is not a chemical component but one derived from natural sources such as sugarcane and beets and can be used on any skin type. A wide range of high quality spray tan solutions can be found at affordable prices online at Artesian Tan.

 A spray tanning booth

Whether for personal use or for a tanning business, one needs to have a tanning booth to spray the tanning solution to make sure that there is no mess created by the overspray. If you are operating a mobile spray tanning business, a portable pop up tent is the ideal solution as it provides portability.

Other accessories

The other items that are necessary to carry out a spray tan at home or as a business other than the spray tanning products mentioned earlier would include disposable items such as bras and g strings to wear while getting the tan, stick on soles to prevent feet from sticking to the tanning solution, and an airbrush cleaning kit to keep the tanning spray guns in good condition to ensure that it remains in good condition for longer use.

Having beautiful tanned skin can give you a confidence boost, and with spray tanning this can be achieved without facing the risks of skin cancer associated with too much exposure to the sun. Having the right tanning equipment will help you achieve the perfect tan in minutes from the comfort of your home.