The Key to Becoming Rich is a Rich Mindset

In Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the author, Robert Kiyosaki talked about the difference between rich people and poor people. He said that being rich and being poor is not a matter of purely financials; rather, it is also a matter of personality. He divided the rich and the poor into four different groups; the people with the employee mindset, the professional mindset, the business mindset and the investor mindset. He said that employees and professionals have a ‘poor’ mindset due to the fact that they prefer a guaranteed paycheck instead of taking opportunities to reach greater heights. Business owners and investors on the other hand have a ‘rich’ mindset since they take opportunities, along with the associated risks, to become greater than they have ever been.

If you believe in dreaming big and taking chances in order to get to your dreams, then perhaps it’s time to get out of your job and start becoming an entrepreneur. In order to become a great entrepreneur, you must first evaluate where your strengths and interests are and try to build a business from there. The most successful businesses are usually projects that root from passion. For example, if your passion is in fashion, start looking for great deals online on bulk wholesale clothing such as wholesale hair accessories, clothes and such. Before setting up a supply deal, start looking for the right business space for you. The most common place for most entrepreneurs to start nowadays is online through social networks or blogs.