Saving Money on Nail Polish

Article Written by : Art & Literature

With the changing of seasons, comes the introduction of new cosmetics in the market. If you are one of those who like to have a new and updated collection of cosmetics, then keep reading on. Nail polish is one cosmetic that always has new and interesting colours for every season. It does not matter if you go for the top brand names, or if you prefer to shop on a lower budget; these tips will come in pretty handy when you are out shopping, and will help you save some money along the way.

1. Drugstores always have clearance shelves. This is where you should be shopping. Most drugstores will have huge discounts on cosmetics, even upto 50%-75%, and sometimes even more.

2. Coupons for discounts on cosmetics are easy to find. You can find a few in every magazine. Cut them out and use them when you go shopping. This is especially useful if you want to buy branded nail polish.

3. Online shopping will also give you better options and most importantly, better prices. eBay and Amazon are known for their lower prices. If you cannot find the brand you want, do a quick Google search and you should be able to find it online. Perhaps you could also compare online prices against prices you normally pay for at cosmetics shops.

4. Most online purchases are coupled with freebies. This could mean a discount, or free samples or even special deals. Try logging onto and

5. Ensure that your nail polish lasts for as long as it should. Make sure it does not dry out or become too sticky.

6. The urge generally is to keep buying, however, try not to over buy – as it will only leave you with an exodus of nail polish you probably might never use.