Rock With Vintage War Clothes

A friend of mine, who wants to start a rock band, asked me to think of a style
for them.
I think we are all tired of black-haired pale boys wearing black clothes and
black eyeshadow. So I started thinking of a style which would make them unique
and original, would correspond to their music and be up-to-date.

Suddenly I had an insight. Well, before having it, I started thinking of my
boyfriend. And remembered that the first time we met he was wearing a vintage
m65 field jacket. I fell in love with that jacket from the first sight. Then
I remembered that all the fashion magazines are yelling that the top trend for
this year is military style.

And, here it comes – the band will be wearing military style clothing.
Military style will make them look masculine, and it also corresponds to their
music. Their style will be not just modern clothing stylized to look military.
It will be real vintage military clothing.

I told my friend that each member of the band had to to order a vintage tee
. They will also wear field jackets and torn jeans.

I also thought that they could wear Vietnam war uniforms, but they seemed a
bit scary to me. That’s why we’ve decided on a lighter style – military
jackets and jeans.

I still can’t decide what shoes should they wear, heavy military boots or gym
shoes? I think both would look great with military clothing.

And the best thing about vintage military clothing is that you don’t need to
be a rock band member to wear it. You can wear it everyday if you find an appropriate