Five Reasons to Buy a Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring

Written by: Chic Jewelry

When you’re searching for engagement rings, you have a choice between a diamond or a number of a man made gemstones. Aside from the obvious price factor, there are a few things to consider about buying a cz engagement ring that make them provocative.


A diamond often has imperfections that are noticeable under a microscope, but they may be big enough to spot with the naked eye. Diamonds require constant cleaning to keep their beauty, but CZs are a perfect stone. Platinum cz rings come with a beautiful setting, and they exhibit luster from the moment they are fitted to the piece. They also don’t have the incisions that a natural stone has, which can detract from the overall visual appeal of the cut.


CZ rings are free from conflict. Diamonds can have a negative impact on the areas where they come from, which leads many couples toward researching conflict-free alternatives. A 3 stone cubic zirconia ring is man made, so there is no concern for mining natural resources when you purchase the stone.


You can customize a cz stone to fit just about any setting you need. They are also available in a variety of custom colors and shapes that will accommodate the look you’re going for. Often times, these same cuts are sold as expensive upgrades when purchased as diamonds.


There is something to be said of the long term value a diamond can bring to you, but you have to weigh your own expectations up front. Some couples just want to get married, and cz rings are perfect for that. Others want an investment, but aren’t sure which diamond to buy. CZ rings allow those buyers to purchase a beautiful setting, and upgrade at will. Diamonds should also be insured to protect your investment, a cost many couples don’t factor in at the time of purchase. CZ rings can last for many years with proper care, and they are easily replaced.


Perhaps the biggest advantage to cz rings is that they free you up to explore alternatives. You don’t need to feel pressure to buy your diamond at the jewelry store where you buy your ring. You have the freedom to shop around and order the diamond you want from a reputable dealer. In fact, some grooms purchase the ring first with a cz setting, then shop diamonds with their fiancé to be. It’s all about options, and diamonds can be an expensive lesson in shopping around if you’re not careful.