Benefits of an Asian Full Body Massages

Written by Garden Retreat Spa

Massage Therapy Benefits

Asian massage therapies consist of a blend of various techniques and styles such as the tui na and anma originating from China, the shiatsu hailing from Japan or the Thai massage. These massages are administered through a variety of motions such as the strokes, cross-fiber friction, gliding or kneading to help the muscles relax and promote blood circulation to the whole body.

Benefits and Features

Each massage technique has proven to provide the receiver with various forms of benefits. For instance, acupressure, which is most commonly practised, helps to trigger the body’s immune system and self-healing abilities. This is especially beneficial to back pain and migraines sufferers. This form of massage also contributes to alleviate the stress and anxiety level. Some people also believe that these are useful in triggering weight loss.

Most people, especially those leading hectic and stressful lives, are able to reap the benefits of Asian massages. Athletes and people who work out often would also feel less muscle tensions after a session. Psychological as well as physiological benefits have been known to be felt.

In broader terms, an Asian massage improves the blood flow. This technique also enables the whole body to work in a more efficient manner. These therapies also help to alleviate various forms of muscles pains. This dramatically reduces the need for painkillers or muscle relaxers. Along with promoting physical well-being, these massages also enhance the mood and improve emotional wellbeing.

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